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BFS Capital | Senior Lifecycle Marketing Managera year ago

Feature Requests
  • The Welcome Email is one of the first user touch points for the community. I'd like to open up a discussion around future enhancements to the Welcome email.

    Suggested feature enhancements to the Welcome Email.  If some of these already exist I'd love to know how to execute.  Thank you: 

    Allow admins to: 

    1. Update the copy on the CTA / button in the welcome email that now reads "Check out the community"
    2. Enter raw HTML (so that they may enter a custom branded template so that emails that deploy out of Tribe match all other emails sent by the brand from other platforms)
    3. Add a custom header and footer with a raw HTML input feature.  Right now you are only able to update the body of the email.   (This is important because industry and general brand compliance may require certain disclosure copy be included at the bottom of all branded outbound communications.  In line with this I'd also like the opportunity to add in the footer, our universal unsubscribe link into the footer to allow users the option to unsubscribe from future marketing emails)
    4. In the WYSWYG editor, provide an option to adjust the justification and link of the logo to center, left, or right
    5. Allow users to update the pre-header value of all outbound email, including the Welcome Email.

    Tom C

    learnduda.coma year ago

    @Shayra Quezada I'm really glad you brought this up. Since my community is new, I did not yet focus on the welcome email but agree that it's a critical component to the overall onboarding process. I'...

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    Mary Legakis Engel

    Founder, LeaderPeera year ago

    I have just started playing with the Welcome Email and I'm noticing that the logo I uploaded is showing up really really tiny at the top of the welcome email. The logo I uploaded is 5000 x 5000 px.

    It ...

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