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Alexa Kempton


Community Manager @ Tribe3 months ago

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Hey there! I am on the verge of launching a new community. Work in the Ed Tech space and I am charged with launching a community for the admins of our tool. This will be for about 4000 members.

I ...

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Hello community!

I’m evaluation this platform and i hope fit my requirements for my next steps 😁

I am now retired from active practice after four decades of experience as a doctor, teacher and medical administrator. Mulling on the question of what could be a fulfilling experience that would ...

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Hello Tribe and fellow community creators! I am in the process of creating a new community for my business the Pen and Canvas. After watching some videos about the Tribe platform I was sold (...

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Hi there - been using 1.0 to manage for the past few months. Working well so far. Excited to check out 2.0!

I hope Tribe prioritizes the migration tool in lieu of API.

Would love ...

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Hi everyone,

I'm Pritesh, the Head of Community at Sedex (a member organsiation supporting ethical supply chains). We have over 60 thousand member organsiations across 3 main regions (Americas - EMEA ...

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Hey everyone, I run a sales coaching business and I'm looking to migrate from another platform.

Looking for the ability to create post threads with comments like a forum. We're also looking for real-...

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