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18 days ago


Tribe 1.0 Community Love

Hello everyone, I have been a Tribe customer since December 2019 and have enjoyed supporting other members of the Support 1.0 community. I am also grateful for many of the tips and best practices that other members have shared. My community is for a very small niche that is not really growing at the moment but it's mainly due to my lack of focus on creating and driving content. Either way, I intend to continue my Tribe journey. So far for community 2.0, I don't enjoy the navigation, search, profile options, nor loss of gamification. It feels good to be a contributor, to see your score, and easily find your past posts or see posts that had the most impact. Now I have to start over and it's frustrating. Maybe it's just me who feels much of the value from the initial community has been lost?


CEO at Tribe18 days ago

Hi, Tom 👋

Thanks for bringing this up. We hear you loud and clear. This is just the beginning of the new version of Tribe and we're adding all the loved things on Tribe 1.0! You will be able to ...

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