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Lead Admin of OLH | Head of ChillOut! Entertainment Team | Co-Admin of CarAniMIc20 days ago

Hi all! I hope some members here already know me. Well, I'm Krish from India

I created a "Made in India" social media style educational community using Tribe platform before 9 months. I got happy when I received positive reviews stating that this is a good initiative during this pandemic lockdown. Also, my website won 1st Prize in a Technological competition and earned me $68.66 as prize money. If y'all got time and interest, please do sign up:

Thanks in advance!

Javier Alaves

Product Designer @ Tribe19 days ago

Welcome to the community, Krish! (Not that I haven't seen you around already 😉 but thank you for taking the time to intro!)

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@Krish! We're so glad to have you as a Campfire member 🔥 I appreciate all of your contributions.

Feel free to share your "Made in India" community in the Show & Tell Space. in this Space, we're ...

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