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Alexa Kempton


Community Manager @ Tribe4 months ago

Share cool things you have achieved through Tribe!

Tribes across the world share a goal of bringing community members together. Share, celebrate, help, inspire, and provide feedback to other community owners who are on a similar journey.

We want to ...

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Come One, Come All.. Get Your Links Seen...

Post your sites so that others can see and get ideas for their own sites. And maybe we can all join each others site.

This One Is My Site, Come On In And Join...

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Share Your Use Case

Hello guys, we made a website for fun till it became a full on business we have over 100 visits per week and here are some links to our products that our main site and ...

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Hey all! I am super proud to be a part of this community and a supporter of Tribe. As the Founder of the American Cannabis Business Network, it is my mission to educate the American people on the ...

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With Tribe, I have been able to create a community for Sabbath-keeping (Saturday) churches that share a common culture. In a few short months, we have grown to nearly 700 members. I am looking forward...

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Just to know, the link "support community" in my box administration redirect to :, is it a bug ?

My community is on a very large aréa. I plan to structure by localisation. is there a way to localise a space? the idea is to filter by localisation to help member what space to join...

I know things are locked down for Tribe 2 at this point, but I just wanted to share a use case for my community.

We have made heavy use of topics (tags). Many posts have 3-5 different topic tags to tie...

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We use Groups in v1 to support a given product. It would be wonderful if a space could support file attachments and display them in the sidebar area. That way when someone joins a Space, they can view...

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We have a lot of Groups on our v1 Community and can easily add a lot more. It would be wonderful if a Space in tribe v2 could support the concept of having multiple Spaces assigned to it. This way we ...

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Share cool things you have achieved through Tribe. Tell us your community story.

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