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John Kranz

Show & Tell

Founder, ConsimWorld2 months ago

Use case: Space based on specific product with file attachments

We use Groups in v1 to support a given product. It would be wonderful if a space could support file attachments and display them in the sidebar area. That way when someone joins a Space, they can view and access from the sidebar area one or more file attachments related to that Space that are critical. This avoids having to hunt through posts made in the Space to find the necessary attachments. The Space Admin can simply add and manage these file attachments much like one does with Members today.

I hope you may consider for a future version the ability to attach files at the Space root level that can appear in the Group sidebar. This will be a major plus for our community in being able to access critical/key information for each Group topic.

Alexa Kempton

Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Hi @John Kranz, Thanks for explaining the use case around your idea for Space file attachments! Please publish your feedback under the Tribe 2.0 Beta Team Space - this will ensure that your ideas ...

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@John Kranz We don't have this feature as a priority right now, however, this can be easily implemented as an app. Apps on Tribe 2.0 can add new functionalities and tabs to spaces, add new menu ...

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