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Alexandre PETIT

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La Tribu de vos petits commerçants2 months ago

a large number of groups (spaces)

My community is on a very large aréa. I plan to structure by localisation. is there a way to localise a space? the idea is to filter by localisation to help member what space to join...


CEO at Tribe2 months ago

This is not something we have on our priority list as we speak. I believe we should be able to handle it by introducing tagging or custom fields for spaces.

CC @Javier Alaves @Ilona

Agreed @Siavash, custom space fields would be an interesting approach. We'll keep it in mind and provide more details once we explore it further. Thanks for the suggestion, Alexandre!

for the moment, i can add a map on my website to localise the space with a redirection to the space...

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