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John Kranz

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Founder, ConsimWorld2 months ago

Explore option in Tribe

I know things are locked down for Tribe 2 at this point, but I just wanted to share a use case for my community.

We have made heavy use of topics (tags). Many posts have 3-5 different topic tags to tie content together and help members explore and find similar content. For this reason, the topic tag is an extremely powerful feature.

But there is one key drawback to the topic tag. A member can not access a list of topic tags being used on a tribe community site. This also poses a challenge for members when posting, because they don't know what the available topic tags are that they can use for their post, since there is no directory of tags. The best a member can do is try searching a key word if a topic tag matches, but I don't think anyone is doing this.

My recommendation as an add-on or future change would be that the EXPLORE option you have added become a directory listing of topic tags. Sure, it's fine if you want to show some Spaces and trending topics as you are today, but a real benefit to our tribe community would be to be taken to a page that shows all Topic tags on the tribe community site.

This is a more effective way to explore and find content for sites like ours where our community is making heavy use of topic tags. The EXPLORE page could sort all topic tags by alphabetical or most popular, and as an added bonus, displaying the number of posts using each tag would be very beneficial.

Again, I appreciate what changes you are making now, but I did want to call attention to the hidden power of topic tags and they are not reaching their potential yet because there is no EXPLORE option to view all topic tags and discover posts on related topics. Giving one the option to "follow" specific tags from this EXPLORE page to add as a favorites of sort would also be a nice touch.

I hope this will get consideration at some point.

Thank you!


CEO at Tribe2 months ago

@John Kranz Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this amazing feedback.

One of the biggest improvements we've introduced in Tribe 2.0 is widgets! Please ignore what widgets meant in ...

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