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2 months ago

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Quality Tribe: Community for CX Professionals

We started Quality Tribe ( as a CX quality community for customer service professionals, to connect with and learn from others, and ask questions and share ideas.

We have close to 300 members, which is not a huge number, but for a very niche topic it's quite a good turnout and we're always growing.

What is your business?

The community is for Customer Support Quality Management platform Klaus (

What's the use case?

We use Quality Tribe to connect with our users, as well as others who are interested in the topic and active in the space. Users can ask questions, share resources or ideas, suggest and give feedback on features, etc.

We also use it as an extension of our customer support, by replying to questions which are not directly related to our product, but are more use-case specific and where others could also learn form.

How has building an online community on Tribe helped your business?

We get to connect with our users and leads on another level and become through leaders in the space.

How do your users benefit from the community you have built?

They get first-hand access to our team of specialists, which includes CX people, analysts, market researcher, and more. As well as other people in the support space that are tackling similar problems.

Here's how our community looks like:

We have sectioned the site in bigger high-level topics. People can ask questions, answer questions, share articles, etc. And we reward the top users with Klaus swag which has become very popular.


CEO at Tribe2 months ago

This looks great, @Merily. I really love the way you've used the announcement feature with the "Yes" call to action.

@Merily, Thanks for sharing about the Quality Tribe! I love the branding and customization you've done. From what you've seen so far in this site, is there a specific feature in Tribe 2.0 that you'...

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@Merily, Thank you for sharing your use case. Also, "Klaus Swag" looks very interesting!

@Merily Nice use-case and nice community. Tribe team would love to showcase your use-case in our website 😍😍😍 You should have received an email from me and our Marketing Director, @Preetish.

What a pawsome community! 😍