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John Kranz

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Founder, ConsimWorld2 months ago

Use case: organizing Spaces and hierarchy

We have a lot of Groups on our v1 Community and can easily add a lot more. It would be wonderful if a Space in tribe v2 could support the concept of having multiple Spaces assigned to it. This way we can use Spaces as a way to organize and further categorize our content by major areas of focus. Right now, without this option, Spaces are a huge mish-mash of many different choices that are mixed with no set order or hierarchy to show what they may be related to.

One example: We would like to have Spaces that support individual publishers. What would be wonderful is having a publisher "Space" in tribe v2, and then when you enter this space, you can see the 15 Publisher Spaces that have been set up within this area.


CEO at Tribe2 months ago

@John Kranz We initially explored adding sub-spaces, however, it can easily get very confusing. What happens to the membership? What happens to the permissions?

Instead, we're going to introduce a ...

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Thank you, @Siavash. I was actually pondering the same thought that having a parent space does not make sense because of the membership involved as you explain (plus ability to post in that parent ...

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@John Kranz I'm very happy to hear it's very much align with what you had in mind.

Both suggestions make total sense. We're going to definitely consider them while exploring space collections. Please...

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