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Alexa Kempton

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Community Manager @ Tribe3 months ago

Share cool things you have achieved through Tribe!

Tribes across the world share a goal of bringing community members together. Share, celebrate, help, inspire, and provide feedback to other community owners who are on a similar journey.

We want to hear from Tribe Community builders like you. Create a new post in this Space to answer some (or all) questions below or to simply share cool things you have achieved through Tribe.

  • What are the cool things you have done in your community?
  • What is your community use case?
  • How has building an online community helped you achieve your goals?
  • How do your members benefit from the community you have built?

⭐ Tip: Provide images, videos, or links to your community to support your post!

🗒️ Note: This is not a space to promote, but to share your community use case and get feedback from others.