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Post Guidelines

📍Where to post?

Learn the Tribe Campfire Community Spaces to know where to post your content:

Start Here: (Tribe Post Only) Learn how to participate in Tribe Campfire Community.

Say Hello: Introduce yourself and get to know other members!

Show & Tell: Share cool things you have achieved through Tribe.

Announcements: (Tribe Post Only) Tribe company news and announcements.

Knowledge Base: (Tribe Post Only) Tribe Setting Guidelines and Tutorials.

Support: Ask any questions or concerns regarding your community.

What's New?: (Tribe Post Only) Get updates on the Tribe product!

Tribe Product Feedback: Share feedback about the Tribe Platform.

Tribe General Information: Learn more about Tribe Technologies, Inc: Tribe's Services, Pricing & Billing, Legal & Security, and more!

Community Success: Learn how to build a healthy and engaging online community.