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Alexa Kempton

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Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Welcome to Tribe Campfire, powered by Tribe 2.0

The Tribe Campfire Community is the best way for customers to access Tribe Platform-related documentation, self-serve support materials, and collaborate with passionate community builders like yourself.

🔥 About Tribe Campfire Community

Before publicly launching the Tribe 2.0 for our customers, we are beta testing the Tribe 2.0 Platform with our Tribe Support Community (we call it Tribe Campfire Community). This is a critical step in our march towards our public launch, which will help us test, gather feedback, and showcase the end-user experience of Tribe 2.0.

What to expect in Tribe Campfire Community

💪 A continuation of Tribe 1.0 support

We made sure to migrate the most helpful content (e.g., documentation, ideas, workarounds, and feature requests) and users from the previous community to Tribe Campfire Community. We've also moved our Knowledge Base into the community for a more unified experience!

🌟 Improved user interface and new features

As you might have noticed, Tribe 2.0 comes with a fresh new look and reimagined layout based on customer feedback. The overarching goal has been to simplify the platform for our customers and your members. By exploring this community, you are getting a peek into some of the Tribe 2.0 Platform features.

🔄 The Tribe Campfire Community's evolution

The Tribe team is constantly improving the Tribe 2.0 Platform. As we continue to add more features for the public launch, you'll have a front-row seat to watch the platform evolve to fit the Tribe Campfire Community's needs. Soon enough, we'll start unlocking Tribe 2.0 Support materials to help our customers become experts on the new platform.

⭐️ Learn more about the Tribe 2.0 Platform from our CEO/Co-Founder here!

What's next?

  1. 👋 Say Hello - The Tribe Campfire Community brings together community builders. We want to hear your story and what brings you to the Campfire in the Say Hello Space!
  2. 👥 Join Spaces - On the Tribe 2.0 Platform, Spaces are extensible and customizable containers that give structure to a community. Receive notifications and explore how we're using Spaces in Tribe Campfire Community.
  3. 📖 Learn more about the platform that the Tribe Campfire Community was built on - Feed your curiosity and learn the new Tribe 2.0 Platform features by checking out the "What's Coming in Tribe 2.0" series.
  4. 🗣️ Provide your feedback - We want to hear from you! As this is technically a beta phase before our public release, we want to hear your feedback! Feel free to let us know if you face any issues or have any feedback. Post your thoughts by posting in the Tribe 2.0 Platform Feedback Space.

Thank you for your patience and participation in the unveiling of the Tribe 2.0 Platform. We're excited to connect with you in the Tribe Campfire Community! 💫


2 months ago

Looks so beautiful and more user friendly environment. Really good approach.


https://huy.digitala month ago

Amazing design!

Do you have a ETA of this Tribe 2.0 official?

Thank you!

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