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Alexa Kempton

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Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Tribe Campfire Community - Powered by the Tribe 2.0 Platform

Welcome to the first version of Tribe 2.0!

Before the public launch of the Tribe 2.0 Platform for customers, we are starting with using the Tribe 2.0 Platform to power the Tribe Campfire Community. This is a critical next step in our march towards our public launch, which will help us test, gather feedback, and showcase Tribe 2.0.

Want to learn more about the Tribe 2.0 Platform Features? Check out the "What's Coming in Tribe 2.0" series!


2 months ago

Really impressive.

Parham Shafti

a month ago

Hi @Alexa Kempton! I'm wondering when Tribe 2.0 is planned to go public? We are exploring to move here and are wondering if we should put in all the hours to customise 1.0 to meet our criteria if 2....

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Where are all of my posts from the previous Tribe community? I had a lot of technical support posts, CSS tweaks, etc.

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