More and better ways to manage members?

Here are things I'd like but cannot find a way to do:

  • Get notified whenever a new member joins

  • Have a list of members and smaller, rather than a grid

  • On the list (or grid of list isn't possible) have the date they joined (rather than having to click through to view their profile

  • List members alphabetically

  • List members by date joined (I think that's how the grid is set up at the moment)

  • Tag a group of members at once. For example, it'd be cool to highlight a dozen members at once and copy them to a post I'm creating -- whether a welcome post or a post that addresses a common question or interest they all have in common

I'm sure there are other things that'd be great to be able to do, but these are top of mind.

Can I do any of these? And if so, how? If not, why not? Feature request?

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