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Ronda Moore

8 days ago

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  • Member Login issues

    Hey there! I have a new member that we sent an invite to and when she tried to create her account, she kept getting either a "something went wrong" message or the create account button didn't do anything. She tried turning her computer off, back on, tried different browsers, pc instead of mac, etc. I even went so far as to have her forward the invite email for me and I set up her account and sent her the login url, username and password and she's still not able to login. I'm not sure how else to help her. Any ideas?

    Do you handle customer service issues directly when we have issues with members? We are just getting started with our community, so I'd like to have a game plan/system for handling login issues. As an admin, all I can do to troubleshoot on our end is "resend invite". Any advice you may have is most welcome!