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Alexey Zagarin

9 months ago

  • Hi there, I wonder how one would migrate an existing legacy community to Tribe? I understand that I can pre-create users and content using API, but how could I let users know they need to create/update their passwords? Obviously it's not possible to know users' passwords from the legacy system as they're one-way encrypted with salt. Things that I've tried: 1. POST to /api/v1/users – implies the password is known in advance; 2. POST to /api/v1/user/email/invitations – invitations don't count as real users, i.e. questions, posts, etc. can't be attached to them; 3. PUT to /api/v1/users/{id} with verified=false (to force sending the verification email for pre-created users) – doesn't work; 4. same as 2 but for a pre-created user email – doesn't work, attempts to create a new user. Ideally, there should be an API endpoint with reset user's password functionality and custom message, explaining why a user gets the email and should change his password.