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Grant Petersen-Speelman

Head of Engineering10 months ago

  • [DELIVERED: CHECK REPLY TO SEE ADMIN POST] No need for Verification emails on user API create

    We are currently creating members on tribe using the API and we have already verified their email when they signed up with our platform so there is no need to send verification emails from Tribe.

    The only option in the admin section is to disable all emails, but we still want the Notifications and Digest emails.

    Is there a way to turn off only verification emails or create a user via the API with a verified email?


    Co-founder at Tribe10 months ago

    Hey @Grant Petersen-Speelman,

    We've recently added an option to do so. You should just send { emailStatus: 'verified' } in the body when sending a POST request to /api/v1/users.

    Please note that this ...

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