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Todd Peterson

President and Founder, America Industries6 months ago

Community Setting
  • This is getting really frustrating...I have just activated the 14 day trial and I am beginning to install the premium apps. And each time it does not work, as I am asked to provide an App ID. And there is ZERO instructions on what that is how where to find it. This is not a good set up. The frustration this time has to do with: Amplitude It says that I use the app without the ID. Why is this so hard to activate the apps. You guys should really give us more than 14 days, since at least a day is lost because the integrations do not work.


    Customer Success Manager @ Tribe6 months ago

    Hi @Todd Peterson 

    Appreciate the feedback and I'm sorry to hear you've experienced these difficulties. I've provided a step-by-step guide on how to properly setup the Amplitude App here. ...

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