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Todd Peterson

President and Founder, America Industries6 months ago

Intercom Integration
  • I just wanted to verify that with Intercom, it can be used for user to user communication. If I have 1,000 members in my community, I want all 1,000 members to be able to chat with each other via Intercom. It just occurred to me that perhaps Intercom might only be good for members communicating with me, the owner. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I WANT. I want them to use Intercom to chat with one another. Can you please clarify? Thank you .

    Ari Diamond

    Director of Customer Success @ Tribe6 months ago

    Hi @Todd Peterson 

    It sounds like the Messages App would better suit your needs for this use case.  The Messages App allows your members to message one another directly, peer to peer.  ...

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