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John Kranz

Tribe Customer / CSW Community5 months ago

  • I have established Groups but notice some members are not posting comment in the Group but outside of the Group (from the Home page, for example). I then try to find a way to move their post to the Group where it belongs, but I can't find an option to move their post as Admin. I assume this functionality is not supported to be able to move a member's post to the appropriate Group?


    Customer Support Manager at Tribe5 months ago

    Hi John, 

    You cannot move a post from one group to another, or from the home page to a group and vice versa. We are considering this in the future, but the decisions are not made yet. 


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    I second this request. I want to have the main feed. And even with posting in groups they often post in the wrong group.

    For organization purposes it would be best to be able to move conversations as ...

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