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Markëtinḡ at Tribe5 months ago

  • Introducing Rybbon Integration

    Are you using Tribe’s virtual currency app to boost community engagement, improve the quality of contribution, and incentivize members to perform certain actions? Well, we have amazing news for you!

    Introducing the Tribe and Rybbon integration designed to automate the virtual coin-to-rewards redemption process and empower the community members. 

    Rybbon is a leading online platform for businesses to send and manage digital rewards. Rybbon can handle large volumes of rewards with an easy-to-use platform, a vast range of reward choices, integration with popular third-party apps, and robust reporting.

    This integration with Tribe is powered by Zapier and paves the way for the direct integration with Rybbon.

    My colleague, @CJ Verma has created this video with an end-to-end description. ⤵️ 

    Connecting with Rybbon

    Currently, you need Tribe's Zapier app, Webhooks app, and Virtual Currency app for a complete setup. Since the Webhooks app is a Premium app, clients with a subscription to the Premium plan can take advantage of this integration.

    Delighting your community 

    Since the virtual coins can be redeemed immediately, it excites the members as well as improves the success of your engagement objectives.

    This integration allows you to run your campaigns with a location-agnostic approach. Rybbon would automatically curate country-appropriate reward options in the correct currency based on the recipient’s location.

    Learn more about this integration.

    If this looks interesting, please share how you are planning to use the integration.

    Finally, it's a pleasure to welcome @Bradley Blinn from Rybbon. He is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Rybbon. As you can imagine, he has been instrumental in crafting this partnership with Tribe.   


    Customer Support Manager at Tribe5 months ago

    I love it!!!!

    Our members have been asking for an easier way to redeem the coins. Gotta supercharge our monthly community competitions now.

    Austin Henwood

    Community Ninja5 months ago

    Heyy! This is awesome...just checked the video. 

    Bring the native integration, please!

    We have not been using the virtual currency app. But, I can totally see how this will be super useful. Let me send this to our community operations manager.

    I can see our user research group using this. Looks amazing! 👏 


    CarAniMic5 months ago


    Hi everyone!  My name is Bradley Blinn.  As Preetish mentioned above, I am the VP of Strategic Partnerships with Rybbon.  We are definitely excited about our integration and partnership...

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    @Katie Wheatley  We now have a native integration with Rybbon. As part of this app, you can send your users "TimHortons Gift Card" or allow users to participate in donations natively through the ...

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