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Sabin Rodriguez

Building a community for spiritual seekers25 days ago

Community Management
  • Is there a list of ToDo that you ask community members to do once they signup? If yes, is it possible to take the user to their profile page to update their photo, add social handles..etc?

    For Example: In we ask members to do the following when they visit the site. 

    Now, I want to change the "Introduce Yourself section" to "Update Profile" section. This way I can constantly ask users to update their profile. I cant find a way to get a link that will take the user to the Edit PRofile section. Has anyone tried this? 



    Sabin Rodriguez

    Building a community for spiritual seekers22 days ago

    @Alexa Kempton could you help me with this as well, please. 

    Hi @Sabin Rodriguez

    Thanks for tagging me and sharing your welcome message! 

    Regarding your question about linking members to their own profiles, this question has been answered by a member ...

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