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Pacemaker Project

20 days ago

Widgets & APIs
  • I am using the group embed widget find that it is easy to navigate outside of the context that I specifically want to embed. My code is the following: window.Tribe('group', { id: 'group-widget', slug: ..., components: [ 'breadcrumb', 'input', 'feed', 'share' ], feedLimit: 10, jwt: ... }); The widget loads well but if I click on a user's avatar or on the 'n replies" area of a post, it will navigate to a different 'page' within the iframe. Sometimes it is impossible to get back to the group feed with only the settings above. At other times, I use the breadcrumb and I get back to a group page with more widgets I configured above. Is it possible to just have a simple feed of posts and replies with no ability to navigate to other pages and not having to click to another page to see a subthread?