FullStory Integration: Understand the Member Behaviour and Improve Community Experience

Wondering if you can see how your community members are interacting with the community and use the insights to improve the user experience? Well, I'm glad to share that Tribe has a solution for it.

This can be done by integrating your community with a Digital Experience Intelligence solution, like FullStory, using Tribe's Custom Code Snippet App.

FullStory platform can transform all the interactions happening in your community into actionable metrics. You can watch DVR-like video playback of user sessions. This helps you better understand issues, find out top opportunities for optimization, and measure the impact of changes.

How to set up an integration between Tribe and FullStory?

  1. Login to your FullStory Account using your email address and the password.

  2. After Logging in, click on the "Segments" tab and "Copy" the FullStory snippet.

3. Once copied, visit your community and go to [...] More> Administration> Apps> Custom Code Snippet App:

4. Paste the copied code in the <head> section of the Custom Code Snippet App and hit Save Settings:

5. Congratulations! Integration is now set up.

You can also follow the step-by-step tutorial in this video:

What's next?

Learn more on how to find and install App in your community.

To learn more about FullStory and its capabilities, please visit FullStory website.

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