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Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

You need to just enable the SEO Boost app1, then under each post/topic/etc you can set the social images, title, and description! Here's more info on how to use the SEO Boost app2.

EliTribe Member
Community Success Manager at Tribe

πŸ“’ Ability to Add Noindex to Community, Users, and Topics: Released on July 29th

Ability to add `noindex` meta tag to the community, topics, and users if you don't want it to appear on search engines. This is useful when your community is live, but not yet open for public or you are simply building a completely private communit... (More)

EliTribe Member
Community Success Manager at Tribe

πŸ“’ Added SEO options to the user, group, and topic pages: Released on July 26th

When the SEO app is enabled on your community, admins have the option to set the noindex, title, description and og:image of user, group, and topic pages.

This is exactly like what we had for posts, questions, and articles.

Tribe's SEO app allows you to configure advanced settings for your community and precisely control how search engine bots index your pages.Β 

You can install the SEO app by accessing 'Apps' in your admin panel. Once enabled, here is what you can... (More)

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