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Hi Masuk,

Great question. We have some pointers on how to improve your community SEO wise. Please head on to this community post8 to learn more.

Hope this helps!



If you use the advanced SEO app, it will create you a sitemap.

Heyo, I'm an SEO not part of Tribe so take what I say with a grain of salt. I'm not sure why Tribe decided to use a unique ID in the URL but you might consider not worry about it. Having a vibrant community with useful posts will help your SEO far more than the URL.

Google will 100% be able to decipher the content and use all of the posts in search results. Google's URL guidelines are for making them "intelligible to humans"

In this instance we're not talking about a blog post or landing page we're talking about highly specific community content. If the title and content show up in Google search results it's safe to assume that it matches the search query and will get a good click through rate no matter the URL. 

Don't believe me? Look at how Google does its URL structure in the link above and this example of how Google Groups handles URLs:!topic/chromium-discuss/khiV11oV1-w3