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Google Analytics
Google Analytics


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You can build reports for the community on Data Studio simply by copying the demo.

Follow the steps outlined below to build the report:

1. Click here15 to access the sample.

2. Click on the copy button on the top right.

3. In case you don't ha... (More)

It is very easy to build dashboards on Google Analytics with the publicly shared dashboard templates on Google Analytics Solutions Gallery12.Β 

Given below are steps you should follow to import these dashboards to your Google Analytics view:

1. Ins... (More)

Tribe offers deep integration with Google Analytics,9 so you can track and analyze every single action performed in your community. Given below are the events sent to Google Analytics:

1. Event category

Event actions for "User" category

  • login
  • update... (More)

Powerful analytics is one of the most important features any community platform should have. It helps community manager and moderators to understand what's happening in the community and will result in data driven decisions.

In tribe we provide anal... (More)