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Yes, it is doable using Tribe API documentation to migrate contents from another platform to your community (what you call as bulk-posting contents) and it can be posted on behalf of the bot accounts randomly. However, it needs a knowledge of codin... (More)

Only admins are able to delete a user's account.

To delete an account from your portal, Click on the User's Profile> Edit Profile> Delete User Permanently> Save. 

If there are many users that you would like to delete, follow these steps... (More)

📢 Use Bot Accounts to post comment: Released on August 19th, 2019

Now you can use the bot accounts not only to like others' contents, but also to post a comment under the contents. This helps your community to improve the sense of engagement. 

📢 See the joined groups in each member’s profile: Released on July 17th, 2019

Now, you can go to a community member's profile page and see the groups that he/she is a member of. Secrete  groups are not shown in the profile page. Only community admins and the user himself can see the secrete groups on their group list.&n... (More)

📢 Use Bot Accounts In More Places Now: Released on July 17th, 2019

Since today, if you are an admin, you are able to reply to a discussion or an article using your bot accounts.

AnswerBot User

Currently, we don't have this feature yet. You can only post content and up-vote answers using bot accounts. we are adding more to the bot accounts abilities.

Currently, we do not natively support charging membership in Tribe.

However, you're able to use Zapier and external services like Stripe to automate membership charging process.


Community Admins are able to edit/delete accounts/profiles on their community. Go to your Admin Panel> Click on Members section from the left-side menu> and have access to your Active members. To edit any profile or account, click on the [...... (More)


Only admins can feature a user profile. When you feature a user profile, you will see that person's profile on the home page. To feature a profile, go to the user's profile page and click on the star sing next to the follow button:

Yes. You can define the privacy of a group as public or private. In a private group, people do not have access to your group contents and they need to send the request to join to the group and admin of the group can either approve or reject the req... (More)

elmi bester
Memberships & Network

Is the User Directory app included for the Prem Plan? Will it be possible to see screen print/s or example/s?

Tribe has an app called User Directory which enables user discovery and listing in the community.

In addition, you can request to add custom fields to members which will let members discover other members by filtering on the defined custom fields.

Th... (More)

AnswerBot User

There is no specific number that can be applied to all types of communities. It depends on the purpose of building the community, number of the initial contents you want to post, and number of the community members. However, we suggest 5-10 bot use... (More)


📢 Registration Only With Invitation: Released on April 5nd, 2019

You can change the registration policy of your community from "public" to "invitation". It means, the designated people will receive an invitation email from your community, with a link that gives them access to your community portal. 

If the c... (More)