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In the customization of content type, advanced options, the question customization is not functioning. Discussion, post and article have good performance, but question not. 

My config
The custom Placeholder dont functioning
Mo Malayeri , Growth Manager at Tribe

Hey Anthony,

The topics are only used for categorizing the posts by tagging them. What you are referring to can be achieved through groups where its the relationship between members and the posts. For example a group for HelpDesk where only Q&A ... (More)

elmi bester , Memberships & Network

It will be useful if one can select when you add content in the open feed, to post it to a specific group. Then one don't need to remember to first go to the group before you post. 

Looking forward to the improved UI for tagging topics :)

Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

This article is the summary of a CMX webinar.

Title: Designing Experiences for Your Members Along the Community Journey with Arielle Tannenbaum

In this article, we will explore the cyclical nature of communities, why that is important to think about,... (More)


A way to add topic when the question is written, maybe from a favourite topic list. Perhaps a user can have some pre added topics, which the user can select under the user profile.


The ability to pin a post to the top of the home page & topics. This is important for example, if we want to host a AMA, feature specific posts, or make announcements (other than the main announcement). 

Also, another thing I noticed is tha... (More)

elmi bester , Memberships & Network

We can see that people may post in the open Tribe, and not a specific Tribe group...  could it become an option for a moderator or admin to move a message from the 'open Tribe' to a specific group? Not sure about good practice here?

Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

Right now, we have only launched the "Feature" option to one of the content types. You can "feature" a question to bring it to the top of the home feed. However, pinning a post in a topic page is a very great idea. I will ask our team to put this o... (More)


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Online Communities

This comprehensive blog covers the 10 most common mistakes that must be avoided when building online communities — from the lack of content seeding and internal support to poor processes and aggressive growth targets.

What are some of your key learn... (More)

Eli Najafi
elmi bester , Memberships & Network

Implemented By Tribe Team:

It will be useful if there is an option to export the topics currently setup in a Tribe (.csv or like), and if I may add to the Wishlist the number of items for each topic.

Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

Technically it is feasible for Tribe's team to build and implement this feature on your portal. However, as this feature is not on our roadmap and non of our customers has requested this as custom feature, you can requests this as a custom app, if ... (More)

Mo Malayeri , Growth Manager at Tribe

Tribe GDPR Compliance Statement

Tribe uses the best practices in SaaS and social media to protect the privacy of users and the community members. These practices include right to be forgotten, restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to access and be informed.

I... (More)

Mo MalayeriKristian Ravn
Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

How Tribe Handles Security

Security Objectives

Our security framework uses best practices in the SaaS industry to support our objectives:

Data and information integrity. We ensure that customer information is always secure at any moment, during transit and at rest.

Continuous d... (More)

Mo Malayeri , Growth Manager at Tribe

Tribe's Privacy Policy

Effective date: November 15, 2018

Tribe Technologies Inc. ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website (the "Service").

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you ... (More)

Eli Najafi