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No-code approach to performing sentiment analysis on community content

Looking to extract the user-generated community content and analyze? Get started with the no-code solutions! 


1. Tribe + Parabola

2. Tribe + Zapier + MonkeyLearn


Learn more here 👇


There is no native integration with Facebook Pixel, but you can simple add a script in the <head tag> at the Admin Panel> Theme> Advanced Settings> head tag> Save. If you add this script, this mean it will work for both logged in and logged out users. It includes login and signup pages.

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Tribe OwnersAnalytics

Are you extracting the insights from the community content?

Get started with this easy-to-follow guide to create word clouds and more from the exportable community content.

Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert

Yes. In Tribe, each group has reports and analytics section. 

To see the reports for each group: go to the group page> click on (...) on top-right> Group Analytics. There you will see some reports around members and contents for each day. 

Are there analytics and reports available per each group?