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Co-founder at Tribe

@S.M. Saleem4 That's a great idea. I'm going to add it to our backlog.

It's worth mentioning, the Virtual Currency is a little bit different from reputation since members will be able to spend and redeem it. It means setting... (More)

I've come across this issue in the past. The main reason is usually because you have not added the community domain to Intercom's white-listed domains. This would result in a hidden error that says:

“This domain has not been whitelisted... (More)

First, we need to clarify that there are two different concepts in Tribe: Reputation Score and Virtual Currency.

"Reputation score" is not transferable and the only way to gain reputation points is by being active in the... (More)

This has been requested few times. We are taking another approach toward cloning groups as some people might also need a slightly different sidebar in different groups but the goal is to be able to cloning them faster. This feature... (More)