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Apps & Integrations

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Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

You need to just enable the SEO Boost app1, then under each post/topic/etc you can set the social images, title, and description! Here's more info on how to use the SEO Boost app2.

Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert

Yes. In Tribe, each group has reports and analytics section.

To see the reports for each group: go to the group page> click on (...) on top-right> Group Analytics. There you will see some reports around members and contents for each day.

Tribe's Webhooks app17 allows you to select one or more community events and send the POST request to the URL you specify with relevant data. This can be used to send the event data to Webhooks by Zapier 14and trigger actions from Zapier.

For example, y... (More)