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Basics for Building a Community
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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Once you have your community ready for beta launch or public launch, your main concern around your community should be "How to have high retention in my community".

Tribe offer many solutions to make sure that your community will have a high retention level. You will have a high retention when:

  • You promote your community perfectly, so that you can attract more users into your community.
  • You encourage the users who are already using your platform, so that they come back to the community more often.

A. Let's see how you can perfectly promote your community:

  1. Add your community to the main menu, top navbar, and the footer of your main website
    Your main website is the most important channel to attract users into your community. Make sure you are giving enough attention to your community in your website.
  2. Enable Tribe SSO (Single Sign-On) app to have seamless sign-up process
    Tribe SSO43 app automatically connects the user-base of your main product/website to your community. This way, if someone already has an account on your product/website, an account will be created for the user in community automatically. The user's community account will have the same account information such as name, email, and profile picture on your main website. Therefore, users will be able to use the community without even realizing that they are directed to a new platform, as it automatically logs them in to the community. Tribe support the most popular SSO methods.
  3. Embed Tribe community widgets... (More)
PreetishTribe Team
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PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

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