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Basics for Building a Community
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PreetishTribe Team
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How Lululemon is winning the market with community retail

Our latest blog explores the explosive growth of Lululemon and the reason why this retailer is considered as the next Nike. Check out how they differ from other competitors via marketing at grassroots level with community initiatives and in-store customer experience.

What are your thoughts on leveraging physical communities and amplifying the effect by translating the community efforts on the digital platform as well?

PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

A Definitive Guide for Building Q&A Community

We discuss some of the successful strategies that community owners use to build thriving Q&A communities. Check out our latest blog post for the details.

If you have built a Q&A community, let's discuss your personal experiences and what a community builder should avoid!

PreetishTribe Team
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Are you building a community from scratch?

Our latest blog explores how community owners can validate a scalable growth strategy for the community when starting from the ground up.

See how you can identify the first user group, collect feedback, tweak the community value proposition, successfully close the feedback loop and scale the whole process with a community platform.

Let's discuss the challenges you are facing when building communities organically.