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Basics for Building a Community
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Hi @Mukkove Johnson6

I can definitely relate! Luckily, the Tribe platform has its native customization settings as well as App integrations to help! 

If you're looking to create a Private community, this can be done through Tribe's "Community Access" settings. Communities can be either private or public. A private community gives access to only the logged-in users, while public communities are accessible to non-members as well. You can choose either public or private mode for your community. Learn how to edit Community Access here8

If you're looking to limit the registration to invited members only, this can be down through Tribe's "Registration" settings. Registration with the invitation means only the people who receive an invitation email from the admin(s) are able to register in the community. Learn how to change Registration Settings, Invite someone through email, and check invitation statuses here7

If you're looking to include a membership fee with your community's sign up, Tribe doesn't have this feature option available natively, but you can set up an Integration between Tribe and payment services such as Stripe, Paypal etc. with the help of Zapier. Here's a detailed article with video tutorial- Stripe Integration with Tribe through Zapier.9
We also have a whole topic dedicated to Membership, where you can learn more about what others are doing here13!

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions - I'm happy to assist! 

Our group started with Tribe specifically because of the Pandemic with an added push away from the hostile user experience that is called Facebook. We transformed one offline course into an online course and use Tribe to keep the course participants connected and in touch with the course instructor. So far we are very happy with Tribe though there are a few issues that we cannot get an answer for from Tribe staff or the Tribe community.