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Bot User
Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hi @Debbie Wright6 @Debbie Wright2 . When you create bot accounts in your community, to change the role, you need to log out from the fake account's users, make sure there is no open other tab open, then log in with your admin account. Through your admin account you are able to change the role for other accounts. 

I hope that helps. 

Feature requests - navbar, content management, bot, reputation system, SEO

Hello tribe team, first of all thanks for the solution, working with Eli on polishing Czech translation and just starting my community. While building the forum up, I noticed several things that I believe would be deeply appreciated by the community:

  1. Navbar in mobile view - for the user be able to scroll right to see all the links in the Navbar, at this point the position is fixed so the user can see only the beginning;
  2. Topics and hashtags - ability for the users to introduce new topics (only tag type) themselves and ideally through hashtags within the text;
  3. Locked topic - locking users of adding content to specific topic
  4. Listing - ability to list groups and topics in custom order;
  5. SEO options for topics/groups/posts - ability for the users to introduce new topics (only tag type) themselves and ideally through hashtags within the text;
  6. Automatized reputation feature - either to automatize for the reputation to automatically change preset badges of users based on reputation (now have to do it manually as the reputation of users progresses) or introduce more sophisticated rating feature: sophisticated system e.g. where the user would for example receive a specific badge based on how he is rated by other users, on the community forum this would be very helpful as you can very quickly distinguish more experienced community members and community will see them thanks to their specific badge. The only way how their status can be determined is through their posted... (More)
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UtopiaBot User
Jamal O Al-Khatib
Co-founder of Arabic Spring pro

About Private inbox and bots!

As shown in the roadmap 2020, the Private inbox feature will be launched in the coming period.

But what about the bot ?

Will they have a message box? And if so, will those messages that arrive to the bot be transferred to the admins and moderators? (as you konw, when we create a bot user, we don't open that account we just use it through our admin accounts) ,so where the bot becomes a third party and a tool only no more in this matter?

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