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Community Setting
Community Setting
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Hi @Jessica Bernard1

Thanks for posting!

Currently, the Messages App does not send notifications if a message is sent. However, it's part of the future enhancements that we are working on. You can find more details and future enhancements here- Introducing Messages.8
 I hope this helps! 

Hi @HawaiiPixels5

Currently, the tribe platform does not have a dark mode. However, this already exists as a feature request here9. Please feel free to follow this post to receive any updates! I hope this helps!

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe


Using the Messages app23, you can allow your members to send messages to others in the community. 

The API documentation for the "message" section is not available yet. Our team will release the API documentation for the message in the following months.  

Hi @Todd Peterson10 

Appreciate the feedback and I'm sorry to hear you've experienced these difficulties. I've provided a step-by-step guide on how to properly setup the Amplitude App here12. Hopefully this helps with what you're looking to achieve. 

For other integrations and additional support please feel free to email us at support@tribe.so19 or alternatively simply select the "Chat With Us" button on the top righthand corner of the community to connect you directly with our support team who can assist with any difficulties you may be experiencing.