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Farshad Sahafzadeh
Head of Backend at TAP30

CNAMEs act as aliases to currently defined A records. To achieve what you want, you should use multiple A records instead.

A example.com17

A sub.example.com18

In case you want your community on your subdomain you should just set a CNAME to domains.tribe.so79 in your domains DNS settings.

Sometimes, you might want your community on the root domain, let's say YourAwesomeCommunity.com72. In this case, the commun... (More)

Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

It's quite simple to add CNAME record in your CPanel. Follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your account at your hosting provider;
  2. Go to 'Domains';
  3. Click on 'Simple DNS Zone Editor'Β 
  4. You can see 'Add a CNAME Record' option;
  5. In the 'Name', insert your chose... (More)
Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

We highly recommend our customers to host their Tribe on their own domain. This would make sure the inbound traffic would come to their custom domain and increases the conversion rate.

Once you decide your custom domain, Tribe will setup the SSL cer... (More)

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