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I actually just solved the answer myself but I'll leave this here in case anyone had a similar issue:

I went back and re-pointed my old DNS back to domains.tribe.so1 and set an A record to @ with the value... (More)

Co-founder at Tribe

To setup Tribe on your own domain or subdomain, follow the instructions below: to set the CNAME (for subdomains) and A Record (for domains).

1. For example, we call the URL like (community.acmecorp.com160) a sub-domain, and for subdomains you only... (More)

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

Hi James. If you insert the new url in the Admin Panel> Domain> Move domain section, you should receive the success message and we will move your domain within a few hours.

However, if instead of the success message you... (More)

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