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Content Management
Content Management

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KatrinaTribe Team
Customer Success Manager

Hi @Louise C4,

Great question! You can sort the way the contents appear in the activity feed so it shows by chronological order of post by going to Admin Settings > Settings > Feed > Default Feed Sorting. Then, select the "Recent Post" option. This will display contents in the activity feed by the newest post created. 

We have a private account, only 25 people. How do i get new postings to appear first chronologically and older postings last? In the groups and the main feed? It is reversed now. Thank you.
KatrinaTribe Team
Customer Success Manager

Hi @The Redneck Patriot6,

Thank you for your question. It has been answered on this post here8


Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Vinay, 

Yes, you need to add text in the main posts and then ass an image. 

However, you can add a "reply" to your posts with an image and there is no need for a text.