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Content Management
Content Management

All about Creating Content and Content Types

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Hi @buzz1!
Admins are able to add a verification sign to a question. You can turn on the Verified or Locked question sign to show that this questions is shared by the community management and it is locked for any changes. Learn how to add a verification sign or how to lock a question here2

Hi @Emily Gurwitz6

As a community admin, you have the ability to disable uploading files in general for each content type. This can be done within the Admin Panel > Content Type > Select Advanced Settings under each content type > Turn on/off "File Upload" > Save. 

Here is the complete list10 of File types you can add by whitelisting it to your community. And please keep in mind that the maximum size of any file type you can upload is 500MB. This limit is included with your plan's storage limit.


Hi @Ludovic Adel15

If you're referring to inserting an image in a "Comment", this functionality currently does not exist in the platform. The rich text editor enables this and is only available for the "Reply" and "Answer" response types. 

However, inserting images in comments should be included with the future release of Tribe 2.0. Follow this feature request21 to receive updates on the request!

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Hi Elaina, 

Thanks for posting your question! 

Currently, there is no way to lock a reply to a discussion post. Here are some other options: 

  • Archive the discussion: to make it less visible. Archived content will display in search results but will be removed from home feed, topic feed, group feed, or user feed. Learn how to archive a post here.18
  • Limit access to Discussion Content-Type: Tribe has 4 content types12. You as admin can decide which one should be enabled/disabled. You can also define who should be able to post that type of content (Admin, Moderator, Member). This way, you can define only admins to be able to share a discussion. However, as soon as the admin creates a discussion, regular users still can reply to that post.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.