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Hey Parker,

Nick from the sales team here. Thanks for the question. Currently we don't have a full newsletter creation tool. As someone who worked in the email marketing space for several years, I actually think this is for the best. Building a native newsletter tool when there are no shortage of free and paid email marketing solutions wouldn't be the best use of our resources. 

As mentioned I'd suggest using a free tool such as Mailchimp or Mailerlite for basic newsletter requirements. Should your needs be more advanced we do have an integration with Hubspot coming soon that could be helpful to look into. 

You can always export your existing member data into a .CSV file for easy uploading to an email marketing software.




I dont think tribe provides that yet. i use some 3rd party Email marketing service to send newsletters to everyone on our platform

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Mark. You can always check the logs of the outgoing emails from your Tribe in the admin dashboard. Below is how to do it.

1. You can check the status of the emails from Admin Panel> Members from left-side menu> Invited Users from top-menu> click on Email Activity Log on the top-right, and you should see the status of all the emails send from the community (including notifications and invitations):

2. To better email delivery and to prevent your community emails from ending up in spam, we recommend our customer to install the Sendgrid app34. There are two ways for installing the Sendgrid: Username and Password, or API Key. The API key is safer so we recommend using this method in the app settings.
Now, if the Sendgrid app is enabled, it means that you have created an account on Sendgrid.

3. If you are on Sendgrid Free Plan, your Sendgrid plan does not include the API Key. Therefore, you need to try the Username and Password authentication method to enable the app inside tribe.

If you you are on Sendgrid free plan and you use the API Key as authentication method inside your community, you can see in the Email Activity Log (explained in #1) that the status of the emails are Forbidden:

4. If you are on Sendgrid Paid plan (check the pricing here51), then you can use the API Key as your authentication method inside Tribe. You can either create API... (More)