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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

You can change the language for the entire community as explained here6

It changes the email notification language as well. 

Ari DiamondTribe Team
Director of Customer Success

Hi @Arnab L3,


The way you can send notifications to a group of team members would be to:

As soon as there's a post in that group, all the members of the group will receive a notification.

For more information on configuring notifications, visit this community post15.

Hope this clarifies.  If not, please @ me in the comments!

Lead Admin of OLH | CEO of ChillOut! Entertainment (India)

Hey Arnab!

This is a good question. Till my knowlege, I don't think this is Possible through Tribe. Maybe through email services like Gmail, Yahoo! mail and so on (if you have the team members' email address). Or you could create a separate group only for your team and post your messages there.

Hope this is of help!


Hi @Arnab L8,

Based on your question, it seems like you may be referring to email notifications that are sent to users based on activity conducted within the community. Email notifications cannot be customized currently as the email notification is meant to be a prompt to interest users to log into the community. 

If you're referring to the Welcome Email7, this can be edited by going to Admin Panel > App Settings > Welcome Email. From here you can fully customized what you'd like to include within the body of the email. 

If you're referring to the invitation email8, this can be edited by going to Admin Settings > Members > Invitations > Compose Custom Message

Hope this helps answer your question!