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Not clear to the user how User Expertise is defined


I don't know what this means, nor how I would go about changing it. This is just a confusion thing, as a new user I don't know if this means I need to fill something out, or if someone else is going to identify my expertise.

Voted for It's awesome!

Can’t stop creating polls! 

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Audo Kowitz
Community Manager at Komodo

General Tribe Platform Feedback

We have now used the Tribe platform for several months, and we like it. You guys have a great vision, and we feel there is great potential. We want to help out and provide our insight into the issues and problems we come across. Here is our first general feedback report.

Major UX/UI Feedback

1 – Browsing Content Is Hard

On Tribe, there is a lot of scrolling to see the new posts.

The content card takes a lot of space vertically, which means I have to do a lot of scrolling to see more posts.

In a typical forum engine users browse content by headlines to see what interests them and which posts have recent activity. It is a compromise between showing a lot of data per post (depth) versus showing multiple posts with less data (breadth). Allowing users to see more posts at a glance would require some fundamental layout changes or alternative ways to browse content.

Related Issues:

  • The ‘input’ box and announcement (if enabled) block the view when a user lands to the homepage, making the scrolling problem worse.
  • It is currently not possible to collapse posts once they are opened.
    • Posts can be very long, in which case they “hijack” the entire screen.
  • There is no character limit on headings, which means sometimes they are three rows long and take-up a lot of space on the screen.
    • We have also noticed that some users opt-in to use the heading for their entire message instead of... (More)