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All about reputation system and badging system in Tribe

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Sarah,

Sorry for the very late reply. Your questions got lost between many requests that our team is receiving every day. 

You might have already found the answer to your question in the community, but I will add the answer here too, in case other users come across this question. 

  • You can give users "reputation points15" based on their activities in the community. 
  • You can give users "badges"24 to differentiate them from others. 
  • You can reward your members for their achievements through the community. This is possible through our "Virtual Currency17" app and the new integration between Tribe and Rybbon29

And the good news is, you can set automation between the options mentioned above. 

For example, you can automatically add a badge to a member's account if they achieve 100 reputation points. You can learn about more automation under the Zapier topic page15

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

By installing the reputation app, you will be able to recognize, appreciate, and introduce your top contributor community members in your community. This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful gamification tools that can incredibly improve the engagement in your community.

To use this functionality, first, you need to install the app39
When the app is installed, you can define rules for how many points your community members will receive by doing each type of activity: Creating content, Sharing comments, Receiving likes on their content,...

In the end, remember to Enable the app and Update the changes (see picture below).  

If you were already using the reputation system, or if you have changed the reputation calculation rules, you can Recalculate All Members' Reputations using the button on the bottom-left (see picture below). 

What is the Reputation app? How does Reputation app work?

Once the reputation app is installed, you will see the list of the top contributor community members added to the right-side of your community home page (see picture below):

What is the Reputation app? How does Reputation app work?


You can change the community "Stage"30 from Inception to "Establishment" so that you can see the most reputable users on a weekly, monthly, and all-time basis: 

What is the Reputation app? How does Reputation app work?
Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

There are basically 3 tools in Tribe when it comes to gamification.

1. Reputation Score:

Every user has a reputation score based on their activities and others' reaction to their posts. A leaderboard is displayed in the homepage which sorts out top contributors. (If your community is at inception stage, the leaderboard only shows the all-time score). As the community gets more vibrant and reaches the establishment stage, the leaderboard will also show the top contributors in a weekly and monthly basis.

To use this feature, you need to install the Reputation app. Learn more here109.

2. Virtual Currency:

There are two ways to add virtual currencies into a user's account: "Manually" or "Winning a Competition".

2.1. This is80 how you manually add virtual currency to a user's account if they achieve a milestone.

2.2.This is how you add rewards for a question:
You can define rewards for the questions on your community to motivate your members to answer and earn the rewards. When you put rewards for a questions, you can choose the winner based on the most number of likes receives on the answer, or you can pick the winner(s) manually. Once you pick someone as the winner, the reward will be added to the winners' profile.

Here is an example of defining reward for a question. The amount and the descriptions and the rules for the reward is displayed (you as an admin define all these things):

These content are promoted to everyone's feed and you... (More)