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Google Analytics
Google Analytics
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PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

Hi @Carol Jones27 - Does Statcounter give a script that you can insert in the community? If yes, you can surely use this.

This is where you can insert the code:

admin panel >> theme >> advanced

You need to have a google analytics account but you do not necessarily need a separate property.
You do need to have a separate property if you are using your analytics on let's say a website or a wordpress and... (More)

PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

Hi Keller,

You can add a filter in your Google Analytics view for the community:

Then, it is a good practice to add the domain in the referral exclusion list38. However, this entirely depends on your use case.

PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë


You can build reports for the community on Data Studio simply by copying the demo.

Follow the steps outlined below to build the report:

1. Click here54 to access the sample.

2. Click on the copy button on the... (More)