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Help Me Out

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Anything wrong with this code.. try to change the color of user name bar but not changing at all. Am i wrong?

@Siavash  @Shanny Nabi  @Soheil  @Mo Malayeri @Eli  

Help Me Out


Sorry, never really understand this Cname thing in all the years I have been doing this, because I remain a newb for some reason lol. Cant seem to share a picture when posting as a 'question' so am posting here... (More)

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

@grafcet online Hi there. When you are installing an app, if it is already available on your plan, you will see the "install" button under it.

If the app is not available for your plan, it will ask you to... (More)

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

Hi there. if you are on a premium or enterprise plan, please contact your designated account manager.
If you are on a free or plus plan, please log in to your community and click on the "chat with us" option.... (More)