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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi @Anand J4. This seems like a good request, however, for now, you can go to admin panel> content type > and decide who can post each post type. Currently, you have only the option to make a limitation based on users' roles5. As soon as you decide a specific role to be able to post a content type, that will be applied for all the groups inside your community as well. 

Bryan Larkin
Digital Creative & Coach

"In a user's profile account, the user expertise section shows in what topics or subjects the user has the highest scores, so you can know the user and his/her level of knowledge better." (Source: Eli)

Also, be aware they did turn this feature off a while back, so that they could improve it.

However Javier explains below how it works..


Why user expertise is empty all the time? (Screenshot taken from the top contributor in our community)