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KatrinaTribe Team
Customer Success Manager

Hi @Dan Arnold5 

Thank you for the question!

Currently, the ability to create custom fields for users in available under our Enterprise plan1. However, we're planning to launch this feature for everyone to use in Tribe v2. Tribe v2 will also have a member directory where you can search for users accordingly. 

At the moment, you can search for members within groups by going to the righthand side of the group and selecting "Show all members". Here, you can create a group7 based on similar interest/ requirements and have a sub-community based on those specific interests where members can connect. 

In addition to this, users can include customized aspects about themselves in the "About You" section of their profile. This can be found under Profile > Edit Profile > About You. Here, users can create a brief introduction about themselves and their interests for other users to read when they go to their profile. I've also included other ways you can customize user profiles here5

Hope this helps in the interim! 

Hi Derek, 

Thanks for your question!

Users can showcase their email addresses within their profile for all members to see. This can be done on a user level by going to Profile > Edit Profile. From here, users can add their email addresses within the "About You" section. In addition, users can add other points of contact by selecting "Social Media" where they can include social handles. 

Alternatively, you could export the user data into an excel sheet and create a file of the users and their email addresses to then share as a post within your community for members to access. This can be done by going to Admin Settings > Reports > Users > Export All.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Flip. Currently, these are the options:

  1. Admins and Moderators can see when was the last time a user logged in to the community: On the profile page and from the admin panel too
  2. Admins can see when was the date that a user joined the community: Admin Panel> Members
Is it possible to show the "date joined" on a member's profile?
Is it possible to show the "date joined" on a member's profile?


Showing the account creation date to all members probably won't be ideal for all use-cases, but for sure there are use-cases like yours that can help. I am adding the "feature request" tag to this post to bring it to our product team's attention. 

Co-founder at Tribe

In case you're using SSO you can pass the default picture as anything you want. 

If that's not the case, there isn't an easy out-of-the-box solution for it and you'll need to use Zapier/Webhooks and API to achieve it. Basically, anytime a user is created you want to change their profile picture to something else right away using the Tribe API for updating specific users.