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Hi Santiago,

You can set it up by connecting Memberful with Tribe through Zapier. You can set it up in such a manner that whenever there's a new Order Purchased/ Subscription Created, it will create a new user in Tribe.

Let me know if any questions!


Web Designer + Android Developer

@Robert Brown10 You need to explore your Admin Panel. I think that will give you more clarification. 

By the way, I am giving you some info related to that:

1.Go to Admin Panel:

How can I add a members sign up / login page to my site

2.Click11 on Access:

How can I add a members sign up / login page to my site

3.Choose either "Public" or "Private":

How can I add a members sign up / login page to my site

1.If you chose Public, then your community content will be publicly visible, enabling Search engines to index that. However, some of the functionalities like:- LIKE, COMMENT,REPLY, FOLLOW etc will be Signup/Login bounded.

2.If you chose Private, then a user will be required to either Signup or Login in order to access anything on your site, and search engines will not be able to index your site content.

So, You need not to worry about creating Signup or Login page. That have been already provided by our awesome TRIBE TEAM.

Hope it Helps


Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. The invitation email in Tribe works properly. 

However, after you move your community under your own domain or sub-domain, depending on the domain, some of the emails might end-up in spam (this is not something that Tribe has control over). This is not the case for all communities, it just happens to a few depending on your company's domain reputation.
Even in this case, there is a solution: Enable the SendGrid app7 to prevent email from ending us in spam.
When SendGrid is enabled, all the emails will be delivered and you can even check the status of the email from the community "Email Activity Log" and from your SG account as well.

You can learn more here:

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for the question.


Currently, Tribe doesn't offer a native way however it is part of the plans and we are considering it for the future releases. In the meanwhile, you can set up an Integration between Tribe and payment services such as Stripe, Paypal etc. with the help of Zapier. Here's a detailed article with video tutorial- Stripe Integration with Tribe through Zapier36.


Hope this helps.