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Hi @Sanket Dange4,  

It is not currently possible to have Groups/topics for 'admins' or moderators' use only. However, this is part of our next version already. Please click here14 to check out the timeline for reaching our next version. 

You can restrict regular members from posting specific content types or all content types. To set this restriction go to Admin Settings> Content Types> Advanced Options (each content type has this option) and change "who can post?" to Moderators, it means that only admins and moderators are able to use this content type.

You do have the option to make your community read-only if you don't want your members to post at all on the site. Simply select Admin Settings> Settings> Access> Who can post? > No one it means that only admins are able to create content, not moderators or members.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Alexandre PETIT5
Welcome aboard! 
Community admins are able to assign admins/moderators to specific groups. You can learn how to do this here15. To quickly find answers to your questions, I recommend first searching keywords in the community - your question might already be answered in here! Let me know if this helps! 

Hi @Friender9

Thanks for your question! 

You can view posts that your members reported in the Moderation Panel. Learn more about the Moderation Panel and how to access Reported Posts in this Knowledge Base article20. Browsing the Knowledge Base and searching the Community is quick ways to self-serve information.

Let me know if this helps! 

Dan Guzon
Customer Success Specialist

Hi There!

One good key feature of Tribe is its Moderation App.
It is primarily used to filter content in the community before it goes live or published.

In the Moderation App you can use the following settings for filtering your content: 
- use reputation scores and account age to set which type of content should go to moderation: Post, Comments, and Replies. A detailed instruction has been posted here17.
 - Blacklisted Words, by adding words in this section, a post that contains potential vulgar languages are detected by the system and won't be published automatically.

If you are looking for private messages to be sent for moderators' approval, this functionality does not exist at this moment. You can learn more about the upcoming improvements on the messages app here12

Also, please note that the Moderation App is accessible to both Moderators and Admins.

Hope this helps!