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Here's a nice thread42 that reviews multiple options to monetize your community. We don't currently have native ways to facilitate monetization on Tribe, so I'd probably recommend looking into some third-party apps that can support that workflow, but we'll be exploring some ideas later this year for tighter integrations with existing tools.

I'm planning to have the community inside my webapp. I'm creating a new Form Builder for form-data.com45, and the community is openable from the main "help" button on the bottom right as a side panel. 
It is designed as a place to ask questions, get support articles, see what's-new feed, request-features and report bugs (those are all topics)
Since this is in-app and designated as the main support channel, I hope it will attract people to interact.

Would love to hear if you think I'm too naive to think this is enough 🤔
Edit: leaving here a link to a relvant  sso question47 that will make this work

I do not intend to monetize it.

Here's a screenshot of the side panel inside my app:

Anyone wants to share their strategy on how to build & grow a community from scratch and how you will monetize it down the road?
Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. To ad the google ads to your community, you need to insert the HTML code in the advanced theme section. Have you see this post: