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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Recently we added a new app to our app store called "Multilingual". This app is for Enterprise and Premium clients that allow their members to change the interface language for their own view. Once the app is installed21, each user can change the language from account settings: 

Account Settings> Account> Display Language> Update
Account Settings> Account> Display Language> Update


Now, based on the preferred language that this user has picked (e.g. Dutch Language), if the Translation App13 is enabled on your community as well, all the posts in a language different than Dutch, can be translated to the Dutch language by clicking on the globe icon at the end of the post. 

Now, if you are using SSO or you already have information about what the preferred language for your user is on your main website or your list, you can use Tribe Webhooks to automatically change the preferred language for each user inside the community accordingly. You can add a webhook for user.signup and then use our user update API (PUT /api/v1/users/{userId}) and set locale in the data.


You can learn more about this app here7 or check this Q&A page9