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Hi Brayden,

Hope you're doing well!

Currently, we do not have a WordPress plugin available however we are considering it for future releases. In the meanwhile, here are some of the ways to Integrate Tribe with your WordPress site- How to integrate tribe with my WordPress site?

Please keep an eye on our future product updates as we will share an update as soon as it's available. 


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Privat and secret groups

The content in privet groups is hidden from the user profile but the content in secret group is available on the users profile. I want to make a group of which nobody knows accept for the people i want to show or add and also the content i post or discuss in it should also be hidden from my profile

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance for help:)

How can i restrict the amount of words in title?

like this user has added her bio in title

its the one in the sidebar
its the one in the sidebar

Improve Search:

My community defined what they're looking for in a platform as 'Easy to use, good information that is easy to find'. The only part we're struggling with in tribe is 'easy to find'. The search functionality is really problematic. Can't search within topic or group, can't search for answers or comments. Additionally there is no way to attach docs to comments/answers which will negate the organization of questions/answers if people have to create new posts to add docs. 

On the usability side, we've had issues answering questions (spinning wheel with no save) and answering question from email deletes your answer after you log on!