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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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Nat Green

My Tribe community is being blocked on Facebook and Instagram for some reason.

For example, on Facebook, whenever I try to post the URL in a comment, I get the message that it goes against their community standards.

On... (More)

GDPR and Google Fonts

In my review, I noticed that Tribe uses Google Fonts. Specifically, Roboto theme in one of its stylesheets. It directly links to Google Fonts servers.

GDPR compliance of Google Fonts is somewhat of a gray area, but majority leans on... (More)

Privacy Policy
Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

Updates on how Tribe handles PII

As we are committed to protect users' privacy, Tribe will not share any personally identifiable information (PII) data to Google Analytics. This means we no longer send the user's username or name to Google Analytics as the UserID or custom... (More)

Reject cookie button is required now by ICO

In addition to accepting cookie policy, we now need a cookie reject button for UK visitors/users. It's now required by ICO. Non-essential cookies can't be pre-approved.

It has to be an explicit button to reject cookies, can't be hidden... (More)