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Hi @B82!

We do not offer the customization for registration page of your community, however, you can change your registration page a few ways. Learn more here7! For the quickest answers, please feel free to search your question first - someone might've already asked/answered it. I hope this helps! 

Hi @HawaiiPixels2

If you're looking to add the Tribe login/sign up component to your own website, Tribe widgets can easily embedded it in your product, website, service, or phone app.

Using the Sign up form widget, you can display the community signup form inside your website. Since this widget injects HTML into your page it'll automatically adapt the look and feel of your webpage. Learn more here6!

Learn more about widgets here5! I hope this answers your question - if you'd like to further explain what you're trying to achieve, this will help me provide the best answer! 

You can turn your email address in to button link. I used the announcement section and in the button link paste:!&body=Hi.
Another way is to add the above code in the Setting/Theme/advanced/Navbar/Navigation item

If you want to design the registration email to your wish and get code for it, you can use to generate code

Hi Chris,

Hope you're doing well!
Thank you for your question. 
Currently, we support 3 different methods of login.

1. Direct Login (Userbase in Tribe Community): Invitation email, Social login, Public login
2. Oauth 2 SSO 34
3. JWT SSO26

If you can Integrate your community to another software using SSO, the users do not need to insert the credentials (email/password) again.