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Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration


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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. Yes, we have Salesforce integration in our long-term roadmap.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

We are currently updating our integrations with Salesforce and Shopify, and we will release the new version soon. These integrations are not natively available for public, but you can make some levels of integration using Zapier and Webhooks (depends on your specific use-case). 

However, in the upcoming version: 

  • Salesforce integration would add new community members into the CRM. Additionally, you can see the customers' information (such as deals, …) from CRM when browsing the members profile in your community.
  • Shopify integration would enable SSO, so your store users don’t have to sing up/log in again. It also lets you add Q&A widgets (from your community) under your Shopify's product and category web pages. Adding a new product on Shopify will automatically add the same topic on the community as well. Also, your community members can redeem their virtual currency when checking out on Shopify.

As a further explanation, this is how you can define and use the virtual currency on your community:

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How to define a name and the value for virtual currency on my community?101

Please leave a comment under this answer if you have any questions regarding Salesforce and Shopify integrations.